All the slides and negatives that I got from my parents are being displayed on this site. Since these are private pictures, you will need username and password to enter the site. If you think you should know username and password... feel free to send me an e-mail.
If you have any comments... you may send me an e-mail, too. :-))
This way to the slides...
Some more slides will be added soon.

This way to a six minutes movie...

Ben loved this one sooo much... :-))

... and Mama luckily didn't understand the lyrics here :-)))

This way to the scanned negatives...
last updated 04/06/2011... KB-0686 - KB-0897
Scanning of the negatives is complete for now. But who knows... maybe some day I will find some more. :-))
They would of course show up on this site, too. So... check it out once in a while. :-)